Cultural Groups & Societies

The vitality of Montana's Irish community is manifested in the abundance of groups and societies dedicated to some aspect of Irish culture. Among the more prominent of these are The Ancient Order of Hibernians (a fraternal Irish Catholic Organization), The Montana Gaelic Cultural Society, The Helena Celtic Society, and numerous others. For information of any of these groups, please click on the appropriate link below.

Ancient Order of Hibernians

Montana Gaelic Cultural Society

Bitterroot Irish Scottish Organization

The Friends of Irish Studies

The Friends of Irish Studies is a non-profit (501c3) organization founded by members of the community to raise the funds and resources necessary for the support and development of Irish Studies in Montana. All donations to the Friends are tax deductible, so, if you feel you can contribute in any way (financial, skills and expertise, or time), please contact me, Erin, at We would also be grateful if you would let others about us. However little you may feel you have to contribute, please get in touch, every little bit helps. As they say in Irish, “Bailíonn brobh beart” – little straws gather into a bundle. Thank you so much.