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Montana Gaelach - Traidisiún Beo

Welcome – Fáilte

The Irish Montana web-site is based on the concept of the Irish village or town square - a physical space that was central to the life of the community. It was here that people met, traded in goods and services, shared news and events of their lives, renewed old friendships, forged new relationships and built their community. It provided a focal point that united the people into a distinct and cohesive group. This site is also a forum where the Irish of Montana meet to nurture their community spirit and identity. It serves to raise public awareness of Montana's rich and vibrant Irish heritage; to inform the public of the events and activities of all groups who share and preserve that heritage; to develop relationships with all organizations and societies of the greater Irish American community; and to invite you to visit us and share in preserving and celebrating the rich and exciting cultural life of the Montana Irish.

Win a trip for two to Ireland Raffle!! 

An Irish Christmas in America Concert- Butte and Missoula!

Missoula Irish Dancers Christmas Recital!

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