Irish Studies - University of Montana

The University of Montana, Missoula offers the most comprehensive program in Irish Studies west of the Mississippi. Launched in May, 2006, by her Excellency Mrs. Mary McAleese, President of Ireland, it is a unique program in that it draws on and aligns two distinct but related traditions: The University of Montana's long tradition of scholarly investigation of the Irish and their culture on a regional, national and global level; and the living tradition of language, music, dance and drama sustained by the community at large. Students in this program not only learn about the Irish and their culture through the prism of their language, history, literature, film and theatre, but also learn to speak the Irish language, to play the music and to dance the dances to ensure the transmission of a living tradition to the next generation. What is particularly attractive about this program is not only the beautiful setting in which the campus is located, but also the fact that, as a state institution, The University of Montana offers students access to Irish Studies at a rate much more affordable than other institutions hosting similar programs. If you want more information about Irish Studies in Montana, please visit The University of Montana website.